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知っておきたい イディオム!(その21)

2019 年 3 月 14 日 木曜日


Hanako: Hi, Kate. What’s wrong?

Kate:   I think I have hay fever.

My eyes are itchy and I constantly have to blow my nose!

Hanako: Blow your nose????  What do you mean?


blow one’s nose: 鼻をかむ

*鼻水が出る=I have a runny nose.

*鼻が詰まっている=I have a stuffy nose.



知っておきたい イディオム!(その20)

2019 年 2 月 12 日 火曜日


Hanako: I challenged the Eiken Pre-1 test for the second time.

Kate:   How did you do this time?

Hanako: Ah……

Kate:   Well, hurry and tell me!

Hanako: I did it!!

Kate:   Wow! That’s music to my ears!


music to the ears:  嬉しい知らせ、予期しない良い知らせ




知っておきたい イディオム!(その19)

2019 年 1 月 7 日 月曜日


Hanako: What did you do last weekend, Kate?

Kate:   Well, I had no plans so I was going to play it by ear but …

I got a call from work.

Hanako: Oh no!

Kate:   I was up to my ears in writing reports!


up to ears (in/with ~): 〜で手一杯、〜で追われている、〜漬けで


*I am up to my ears in/with debt: 私は借金で首が回らない。

*He is up to his ears in/with work: 彼は仕事漬けだ。

知っておきたい イディオム!(その18)

2018 年 12 月 12 日 水曜日



Hanako: Kate, what are you doing this three-day weekend?

Kate:   Well, no plans yet.  I think I will play it by ear.

Hanako: Play by ear???  How do you do that?

play ~ by ear: 〜を臨機応変にやる、ぶっつけ本番でやる。



知っておきたい イディオム!(その17)

2018 年 11 月 7 日 水曜日



Hanako: I went to bed at 2am, so I was very sleepy at school today.

Kate:      So you listened to your teachers with half an ear.

Hanako: Half an ear? Ouch!

listen (to someone/something) with half an ear: いいかげんに聞く

こちらも覚えましょう:keep (have) half an eye on ~ : 〜にも同時に注意を払う

Every morning, I prepare my breakfast while I have half an eye on the TV.




知っておきたい イディオム!(その16)

2018 年 10 月 9 日 火曜日



Hanako: Last week, I tripped over in my living room and bumped my head on the table.

Kate:   Oh, were you alright?

Hanako: Yes, I was fine but my dad’s precious vase fell on the floor and cracked.

Kate: Oh, no!

Hanako: Dad was so angry at me!

Kate: So you had to face the music.


face the music:自分で招いた(悪い)結果をいさぎよく受け入れ責任を取る、報いを受ける。


※敬礼する:to salute  敬礼:a salute



知っておきたい イディオム!(その15)

2018 年 9 月 10 日 月曜日



Hanako: I had to make a speech in English at school today.

Kate: Well, how did you do?

Hanako: I was so nervous that I forgot everything to say.

Kate: Oh, that’s sad. You must have had egg on your face!


have egg on (one’s) face:  恥をさらすこと。赤面する





知っておきたい イディオム!(その14)

2018 年 8 月 6 日 月曜日



Hanako: Look at that little boy and the baby girl.

Kate:      Oh, boys like to make faces at babies, don’t they!

Hanako: Poor baby, she’s not laughing, she’s crying.


make a face at () おかしな顔をして人をからかう


知っておきたい イディオム! (その13)

2018 年 7 月 12 日 木曜日




Hanako: Kate, I’m so sad.

Kate:      Why is that?

Hanako: I had an English test.  I studied really hard but…I failed!

Kate:     No wonder you have a long face.


a long face: 不機嫌な顔、浮かない顔。形容詞としても使えます。

Look at all those long-faced soccer players.  They must have lost an important game.



知っておきたい イディオム! (その12)

2018 年 6 月 13 日 水曜日




Hanako: I want to challenge the TOEIC test this summer.  It’s a very difficult test so I have to study English harder.  I know, I will learn 50 new words every day from today.

Kate:    It’s good to be determined but be careful not to be all mouth and no trousers.


all mouth and no trousers: 口先だけである。 no trousers =no action も使います。またall mouth.だけでも言います。同じ意味で all hat and no cattle/all bark and no bite/all talk and no action/all show, no goなどたくさんの表現方法が存在します。