mighty 強大な
antenna アンテナ 複数形=antennae(触角) antennas(テレビなどのアンテナ)
petal 花びら
telepathy テレパシー

Kate: Can you tell me about the other mascot?
Hanako: Alright. SOMEITY is the mascot for Paralympic Games.
The name comes from “Somei Yoshino”, which is a very popular cherry tree and the phrase “so mighty”. The mascot has pink antennae on both sides of its face. The shape is the petal of a Somei Yoshino blossom.
Someity can fly using its ichimatsu pattern coat. It also has the special power of sending and receiving telepathy using its antennae.
Kate: You know very well, Hanako.
Hanako: Thank you.